Protexall Products, Inc. Has been Manufacturing the highest quality specialty lubricants for over 50 years. Houdini Lock Lube is our premier lock lubricant manufactured for the specific needs of the demanding locksmith profession, maintenance departments, automobile enthusiast along with most discerning business and home owner.

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Very long comprehensive testing video on all lock lubes

Houdini always comes in the top tier when put through the most rigorous tests!

Cool video with houdini in action on a clear lock

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Customer Testimonials



“A local locksmith used Houdini on my 1997 Crown Victoria’s locks. I hadn’t been able to unlock the passenger side for a couple of years, and the driver’s side recently started to fail. I was skeptical about it, but no more. A couple of squirts into each lock, followed by inserting a blank key a few times to fully work the pins in and out and now both locks work like new!



“I found a product the other day that blew my mind. We had a sticky door lock at work when facilities maintenance showed up the guy pulled out a can of ‘Houdini” and sprayed it in the lock. The spray came out of the lock blacker than a coal miner’s ass and the lock opened right up.

The guy gave me a can to take home and I used it on the locking mechanism of my wife’s car which had been sticky for years w/ the same result.


Glenn Shatz

I’m curious how I can purchase some of your Houdini 4-Way Lock Lubricant? We are a wholesale lock distributor and I obtained a sample to test it out and found that this lubricant works extremely well and would like to start stocking this item. Where can I purchase this product or become a distributor for this item?



great stuff on bicycle chains

Ever since I first bought the stuff several years ago I have not had to clean my bike chains. I bike a lot and it is wet and muddy here in the NW, so keeping chains clean is hard. With this stuff I spray it on before I go out, when I come home I spray off the bike – the chain dirt pretty much just washes off. I then use a paper towel to take the heavy water off the chain and then spray again with SS and wipe down again. Easy and effective. Thanks for a great product!